Protecting and Preserving the Heritage of our Purebred Dogs.

Remember: the push to ban these elective surgeries did not arise because purebred dogs
were suffering by having them done professionally.

It is solely through constant pressure from various animal extremist groups
that the spotlight has been thrown onto these procedures.

the issues

medically unnecessary

veterinary surgeries

Abbreviated to "MUVS", these are procedures that are considered elective. Depending upon where you live, these surgeries may or may not be available to you by law. Click the links below to see the latest information and the opinions of certain well-known groups.

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What you can do to ensure that docking, cropping and

dewclaw removal will continue to be performed by a professional?

PLEASE join with us and support this historical effort. It’s FREE, it’s SAFE and it HELPS. We encourage everyone to visit the class action website and submit the requested information in the fields found at the bottom left of the page.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE All submissions made allow the Merchant Law Firm to measure the interest in this matter on a National level which is a VITAL part of the process. Signing also allows for individuals to receive updates as the case progresses. Information submitted is completely confidential, so much so that even we (APPD) cannot access it nor are we provided a copy of it. There is no obligation, financial or otherwise, involved in making a submission. The page also offers visitors an opportunity to ask questions and leave comments.

Although the retainer has been met it is only the start for future litigations against the Veterinary Medical Associations in retaining our rights as Canadian breeders and fanciers of Purebred dogs.

docking, cropping and dewclaw removal

APPD believes that pet owners should be able to make animal husbandry decisions based on their own experience and that of the medical professionals they consult, and should not be bound by the values and ethics of radical special interest groups, operating with little practical knowledge of the subject.

possible solution

Research from the United kingdom clearly shows cause for alarm for our Canadian purebred dogs.

These concerns are not based on opinion, but fact. As examples, research from the United Kingdom and other Countries has clearly established what the future may hold with regard to the decimation of the purebred dog fancy in Canada, as well as the future health and existence of the CKC organization, including: 


Here are two brochures we've updated which can be printed out and shared with the public.