Protecting and Preserving the Heritage of our Purebred Dogs.

 APPD aims to ensure that reasonable laws are designed to improve the well-being of purebred dogs while safeguarding pedigrees and securing their future. We maintain that education with scientifically sound and experience-based information is integral to supporting owners' choices as they work in consultation with their veterinarian. We also support the rights of veterinarians who choose to perform or pursue the advancement of these procedures. Veterinarians must be respected to act in the best interest of the animal and allowed to honour the choice of the owner.

Many times Veterinarians or Breeders have been chastised, when they should be highly regarded for the expertise in their field. APPD will continue to support the rights of the Breeders and Veterinarians that wish to continue to offer these elective services in turn building an empowerment with our Politicians and Legislative assembly, while instilling the importance on why our Purebred Dogs are a valuable part of our Canadian Heritage.
The Who, What, When, Why and How’s of Purebred breeding practices.

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 In January 2012 a group called "Retaining Our Rights to Crop, Dock and Remove Dewclaws" (RRCD) was founded, by Jean Berghuijs. The mission was to educate the public and breeders of the importance of docking and cropping and dewclaw removal for purebred dogs. After working for over a year in establishing volunteers and rallying support, it became apparent that the push to ban docking and cropping was just one of many tactics being used by anti-breeder groups in dividing the purebred communities, with the intent to eliminate further purebred breeding practices.

Before continuing to register as a Non-Profit Organization, a name change was brought forth, making November 2013 the date of RRCD’s continuance under the name “The Association for the Preservation of Purebred Dogs” (APPD). Our first goal is to register as a non-profit organization in Canada.

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