Protecting and Preserving the Heritage of our Purebred Dogs.

For years Animal Rights have targeted Purebred Dogs, placing all breeders in the same category. As in most situations this should not be the case.

Food for thought: Purebred dogs don’t qualify for listing under the Endangered Species Act  COSSARO because they are domestic animals , but if they could be listed, it might be time to recognize that many long‐standing CKC recognized breeds would already qualify for protection as threatened or endangered species. Not only do they lack sufficient breeding pairs to assure their future, but we would argue that they meet some of the criteria set out by COSSARO, required for listing;
Their habitat is threatened by suburbanisation, mandatory spay‐neuter laws and unrealistic limit and zoning laws;
Their declines are intensified by the advancement of radical fundraising groups that exploit problems in order to raise funds and push their political itineraries;
They suffer from a lack of enforcement of existing laws, leading the public to support ever more burdensome laws;
They suffer from man-made factors that affect their continued existence.

Breeders rely on a Veterinarian and most offer a choice to their clients in adopting an uncropped/cropped eared pet, we believe that Veterinarians should be offered the same choice in whether to practice or not.  If this was feasible they would be able to utilize all the latest technological advancements in the Veterinary Medical field, with the possibility of a reduced amount of pain and a more rapid recovery time, such as the United States has been able to achieve with laser surgery. Physicians and surgeons request and receive access to all current knowledge and training in their field of medicine; they do not sway to public pressure as to what surgeries they are permitted to perform and those that are not. Why should Veterinary Medicine be any different?

People have been tricked just as they have been tricked into thinking that Docking and Cropping bans are about animal welfare. Clearly only Purebred Dogs that hold to the standard and rely on Veterinary health testing and safe clinical practices for the betterment of the breed are the ones being affected.

The public has been subjected too much misinformation, most of it biased and slanderous towards purebred breeders and the veterinarians who perform ear cropping, tail docking or dewclaw removal. This needs to change so that current veterinarians and future veterinarians have the right to be trained and to continue to practice these beneficial elective surgeries.
Ear cropping, tail docking and dewclaw removal are not cruel when performed by a trained veterinarian. They are of benefit in both health and function. We have many scientific articles that state this. They have been ignored because they are written by scientists, not veterinarians.
How dogs with upright ears hear better, or How out of 30 breeds the docked and cropped Doberman was chosen to be one of the two breeds to aid soldiers at war Paul Garson - Man’s Best Friend on the WWII Battlefield and also how it came to be that we have dropped eared pets. Dmitry_Konstantinovich_Belyaev - Belyaev’s fox experiment 
The public has been brainwashed by the use of the words like mutilation or butchery directed towards the veterinarians who perform these surgeries. The pictures they use to illustrate their point are of 'surgeries' performed by lay people (most often puppy mills or back yard breeders), not veterinarians. Instead, we should be looking at the animals that have these surgeries performed by qualified veterinarians from ethical breeders; the two are not the same.
Our members are Purebred enthusiasts and have worked hard for the last 10 years in preserving our Purebred breeds; we have tried everything to reach the public and saving our rights to work with our Veterinarians. In 2011 our membership pooled funds together to hire the Merchant Law firm hoping that they could help and bring justice. We worked hard in writing and attending SPCA meetings to shed light on the idea of Purebred Breeders and Rescues working together to stop the true cruelty. We have sat at board meetings with Veterinary associations only to be drilled for our information and never receive any of theirs. After 2012 all Veterinary research papers became unavailable to public. Even our own Purebred registry the Canadian Kennel Club (the voice for our Purebred Dogs) has been ignored.

Canadian Veterinary Medical association works with CFHS, SPCA groups and Animal Rights groups may not be ignored. There is no mention of working with the Purebred Dog Community or its Registry. For years animal rights organizations have targeted purebred dogs, placing ethical breeders in the same category as puppy mills. But don't forget it is ethical breeders through adherence to their written standards who have developed such breeds as service dogs, hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, herding dogs, etc. We should not be placed in the same category as the puppy mills. Animal rights groups have played on the heartstrings of a gullible public by using photographs and videos of abused animals, and have managed to accumulate tremendous wealth through donations from the public, who assume that they will be used towards saving these abused animals. In fact, it has been reported that only a small percentage actually goes towards such aims. The wealth of these organizations has made it impossible for small groups such as ourselves, to effectively counter their claims. We believe that animal welfare laws already exist and the problem has been the lack of enforcement. There is no need to ban cropping, docking and dew claw removal when performed by a qualified veterinarian. These surgeries have a function and are far less invasive than spaying or neutering, procedures that are mainly done for the convenience of the owner.

Ear Cropping and Tail Docking, Elective Surgeries that Preserve and Protect our Purebred Dogs