Protecting and Preserving the Heritage of our Purebred Dogs.

Fresh casino among the Heroes Protecting Canadian Purebreds

Since 2012, the Association for the Preservation of Purebred Dogs (APPD) has taken the lead in advocating for the rights of purebred breeding groups across Canada. The APPD aims to raise awareness among citizens and politicians so that laws are made that will improve the health and well-being of purebred dogs. 

The Vision of the APPD

The goal is to ensure that purebred dogs live healthy and happy lives. The APPD ensures that all tiers of Canadian society are mobilized so that purebred pedigrees can be protected and maintained for many years to come. Purebred breeding is a vital part of Canadian heritage, which is why pure breeding practices must be preserved for future generations so that they too can make informed decisions for their beloved dogs.

The APPD is a non-profit organization, and to achieve its goals, it requires generous donations from dog lovers across Canada. A big donor is . This is an online Canadian casino that is a legal gambling platform for Canadian citizens because it operates in accordance with all Canadian laws and regulations. Fresh Casino has sponsored the APPD on numerous occasions and taken an active interest in safeguarding the future of purebred dogs in Canada.

The Need for Financial Donors

Thanks to sponsorship by Fresh Casino, the APPD has been able to educate vast sections of Canadian society on purebred breeding practices. Financial backing from donors like Fresh Casino also helps the APPD promote and lobby for pure breeding communities at some of the highest levels in Canada.

Financial support from Fresh Casino has helped the APPD bring its core mission to life and has helped the organization achieve important milestones for pure breeders. The APPD has been able to reach out to as many people as possible and educate the public regarding traditional pure breeding practices such as ear cropping and tail docking. Educating the public about these practices is extremely important to fight back against the activities of anti-pure breeding groups and to combat their narratives.

Nurturing Scientific Research

The support from big donors has also helped the APPD be vocal in supporting the rights of veterinarians who choose to follow pure breeding practices and who want to provide these services to their clients. Furthermore, it has allowed the APPD to successfully launch and run a scientific research study program. Indeed, donor support has been invaluable in fostering new research into purebred breeding practices, and it has dramatically expanded the scientific literature available on pure breeding practices. 

Donations from sponsors also help the organization support its vast network of members, partner organizations and volunteers in their campaign to protect pure breeding interests. The proceeds from donations are solely used for the purposes of advancing the goals of the APPD and are not for personal use. 

Fresh Casino is a legal entity and a well-known online platform where Canadian players can safely indulge in some exciting games and competitions. To keep customer transactions secure, the casino provides players with a range of cryptocurrency payment options so that players can safely make payments or cash in on their winnings. This is why the APPD is thrilled to have Fresh Casino as an official sponsor. Together, we can help promote the best interests of pure breeding communities across Canada.


Pure breeding is a core element of Canadian heritage, and we must take pride in this piece of Canadian history. The APPD is always trying its best to ensure that pure breeders in Canada know their rights and that they can receive all the help that they need to make their voices heard. 

As we said initially, it is extremely important that we safeguard pure breeding practices so that this knowledge can be passed down to future generations of pure breeders. In this way, Canada will be able to maintain strong purebred pedigrees and boast some of the finest purebred species in the world.